1. Step 1: Application

    The recruiter will assess your application and contact you as soon as possible. Contact will be made by telephone if we would like to continue with your application, or we will write to you if you are not a match.

  2. Step 2: Contact via telephone

    We will contact you by telephone for additional information. Following this your credentials will be forwarded to the owner of the vacancy. After these are reviewed, depending on the role, you may be asked to complete a test which you can carry out at home.

  3. Step 3: First interview

    You will be invited for an interview where you will meet the recruiter, the relevant manager and a colleague of your background. Within 5 days after the interview the recruiter will contact you for evaluation.

  4. Step 4: Second interview

    You will meet another manager and colleague of your discipline. Afterwards the benefits package will be presented and a quick tour through our facilities will be held. Within 5 working days you will be contacted by phone to check the mutual interest.

  5. Step 5: Contract offer

    We will make you an offer and ask you to respond within 7 days.