“Working at MAPPER is fun and my colleagues make the time worthwhile”

Almut Stegemann, Process Development Engineer

Can you describe an average day at MAPPER?
Depends very much of my current task. I develop MEMS processes for Mapper. Usually I get an issue. My first task is to find potential solutions for that issue (mostly reading and discussing with people who know more about the topic than I do). Afterwards I present different possible solutions and we discuss in a team which to examine. I plan the necessary experiments, execute them and write the reports. If the issue is solved with my solution I write a procedure so that others can use my solution. If not I plan further experiments. Sometimes I spend the whole day in the lab and other times I work a lot at my desk.

What meetings do you attend?
Multiple and depending. I attend the regular team meeting, where my design leader keeps us up to date on everything happening within the company and everyone (in turns) describes their own project. I also have project meetings where we discuss the progress, plans, decisions etc.Sometimes I am asked as technical expert to join meetings and give the needed technical background or to give new impulses for future projects in a brainstorm meeting.

What projects are you working on?
Currently I am working on the blanker. This is the control unit of the Mapper machine which allows all the beams to write independently. I develop some of the production steps for the current /upcoming design. In 2016 I spent quite some time on trouble shooting the process and the elements – finding the cause of failure and potential ways to avoid it.

Who do you work with?
If I am asked to troubleshoot a MEMS element, I end up working with many different colleagues from all kind of departments. Same goes for when I am technical support for future projects. Currently, since I started developing again, I mostly work with other process development engineers. Since we use a university facility for our MEMS processes, I often find myself working at the university. On some days it feels like I am working more with the university staff than with my own colleagues.

Why do you like working at MAPPER?
Working at Mapper is fun and my colleagues make the time worthwhile.

I have constantly changing projects. This gives me the possibility to learn a lot. My projects are interesting and challenging. Most of the time I can quite freely choose how to approach an issue. And it feels just great when it is solved.