“MAPPER has challenging tasks and gives me the freedom to use my own knowledge and creativity to solve them”

Dmitry Mudretsov, Process Development Engineer

Can you describe an average day at Mapper?
My average day at MAPPER is a mix of MEMS manufacturing in the cleanroom, designing and analyzing experiments, as well as meetings and reviews to discuss results and coordinate team efforts. I like the balance of creative work (design of the experiment, analysis) and careful processing (MEMS manufacturing), along with the ability to control the project on all stages from the initial idea through conducting the experiment to results and conclusions.

What meetings do you attend?
I have a few weekly meetings, as well as occasional discussions and reviews. Weekly meetings help to track progress of big projects and coordinate team efforts. It’s a good place to report your results and get valuable feedback. Discussions and reviews happen when we need to evaluate big decisions or when team members need some brainstorming. Teamwork is a great deal, because it helps to improve my performance throughout my workflow.

What projects are you working on?
I do process development and integration of MEMS manufacturing blocks. It may be failure analysis, performance improvement or process transfer to new equipment. My biggest project is the transfer of one of our most complex electron beam optics elements to a different factory. The whole manufacturing process has to be adjusted for different equipment! Challenging!

Who do you work with? 
I collaborate with physicists, mechanical engineers, chemists etc. for some extra help. Usually we form mixed teams according to the current needs of the project, so people with different backgrounds work together to improve coordination, problem understanding and solving.

Why do you like working at MAPPER?
MAPPER Lithography has challenging tasks and gives me the freedom to use my knowledge and creativity to solve  them.