“What I enjoy the most about working at MAPPER is the diversity of my work and the colleagues I am working with”

Elise Roetman, Experimental Physicist

Can you describe an average day at MAPPER?
Every day is a different day for me at Mapper Lithography. I am working on the development of the cathode of the machine and as such, I can make my own schedule. Some days are filled with writing documentation, reports or other overview documents in the office. Other days consists of running tests at different experimental setups, analyse results, create images with the microscope or I am working on the production of new cathodes. I consider diversity between office work and practical activities at Mapper Lithography ideal for me.

What meetings do you attend?
I have a weekly meeting with my team leader, which is called a Design Leader at Mapper Lithography,  discussing  progress and the schedule of activities for the upcoming week. This meeting is also very useful to discuss unexpected results or special measurements or to ask questions.

We also have a weekly team meeting. In these meetings we get status updates about management and our own team. Some team members present their own project during this team meeting.

Which projects are you working on?
My primary project is the development of the cathode of the lithography machine that MAPPER is creating, ensuring it meets all requirements. When we have ideas on how to improve the performance of the cathode, new subprojects are often created. At present, we am working on a project to change the composition of the material of the cathodes.

Who do you work with?
Primarily I am working with the people of my own team. Together we create new ideas or discuss the results of an experiment. I know who I have to ask when I have a specific question. Some people are responsible for production, others know a lot about software or electricity and if you have trouble with your computer you can always contact the IT department.

Why do you enjoy working at MAPPER?
For me MAPPER is a dynamic place because I keep on learning new things all the time, about the MAPPER machine, myself and about physics. I enjoy using my test setup and creating reports of my experiments. I like the variety of my work at MAPPER and the colleagues that I work with on a daily basis. MAPPER has a lot of young employees, we help each other out with problems, drink coffee together and work hard.