“ I have a high degree of independence and there is a lot of variety in my activities.”

Marzena Pilichowska, Jr. Production Engineer

Can you describe an average day at Mapper?
I am responsible for the improvement of the logistics chain for several machine modules. My most important task is to make available 1500 different, custom made parts for these modules. Activities are e.g. maintaining stock and spares, purchasing components, repairs and delivery of parts to the internal customers. I am always on the look out if we can do things in a more efficient and flexible way. For example by realizing shorter lead times, cost reduction, better control of the stock and risk reduction. Therefore I communicate al lot with our suppliers.
What meetings do you attend?
I have weekly meetings with the Project Managers about the progress on an average of 5 running projects and the corresponding purchase orders.
What projects are you working on?
That alternates, currently I am mainly working on the Beam Generator, the Patterned Beam Blanker and the Light Optics Viewport Camera modules.

Who do you work with?
Primarily with the Project Managers but also with the Support Technicians that assemble the parts. Secondarily with Planners and Order Managers.

Why do you like working at MAPPER?
The nice thing about my work is that I can look around within other companies, our suppliers. Furthermore I have a high degree of independence and there is a lot of variety in my activities.