Mapper offers a challenging atmosphere where a lot of  enthusiastic people work together.

Niels Appel, Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Can you describe an average day at Mapper?
As mechanical engineer I mostly work in the office where I work out module designs for the Matrix Tool or supporting systems. This contains different activities depending of the stage of a project. From concept design to machine delivery I’m involved. This includes making concept decisions, calculations, FEM analysis, 3D designing of the parts, testing, assembly and discussing your designs with colleagues in-between.

What meetings do you attend?
Most meetings I attend are discussion and/or reviews of project related topics. These meetings can be brainstorm sessions to solve some issue, or so-called review sessions where feedback from colleagues on a design or document is discussed.

What projects do you do?
Mostly mechanical projects. Momentarily I work on a big project where we are designing a system which automates wafer handling and preparation so the MATRIX can work without operators manually loading wafers. Before that, I worked on different teams working on other machine parts.

With which colleagues do you collaborate (functions/departments)
I work with a variety of colleagues such as other mechanical engineers, Electrical engineers, physicist and control engineers. This range of disciplines allows me to also learn and understand about other disciplines apart from my own.

Why do you like working at ML?
Mapper provides an challenging atmosphere where many enthusiastic people work together on this high tech lithography tool. It gives its personnel an environment where they can learn and have their own responsibilities. Since I work over the full range of a project, From start till delivery, I get actually get to test, assemble and install my own designs, which make the work extra satisfactory.