“I enjoy working at MAPPER because it is challenging and never the same”

Rens Köhne, Software Designer

Can you describe an average day at MAPPER?
The majority of my day I am at my desk in the office writing software, performing calculations or processing data from a measurement. Sometimes I go to the clean room to check if the software that I wrote performs as it should or if new measurements are required.

What meetings do you attend?
I attend two meetings every week: one team meeting and one meeting with my design leader.

Which projects are you working on?
I am involved in the development of a new version of an instrument that will be used for the optical inspection of a MEMS element. As software developer/physicist I am not only responsible for the software of these instruments, but also in reviewing the calculations used to make it work.

Who do you work with?
The team in which I work, MEMS Metrologie, facilitates the measurement of MEMS elements. Because of this I work together with all teams that use MEMS elements in their module.  Our team also provides support to our colleagues in Moscow.

Why do you like working at MAPPER?
I enjoy working at MAPPER because it is challenging and never the same. The positive working environment is also a reason why I enjoy working here.