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Junior Mechanical Engineer (722 EN)



MAPPER is developing a lithography machine for the semiconductor industry. We started with an idea in 2000, installed prototypes in Asia and Europe and we are currently realizing the first commercial systems and looking to the future.

With a multidisciplinary team we are able to design and build a complex machine that writes with nanometer accuracy. Now we are building machines in small numbers (about 5) and we need to make the jump to be able to make 50 machines that work well, not only now, but also in 5 years: press a button and you are good to go.

To achieve this we do not need fancy technology or state of the art techniques but simplicity, sound design and reliability. We need good engineers with a solid understanding of their discipline and who like to get their hands dirty.

This is the challenge that we offer. Are you up to it?

Junior Mechanical Engineer

Job description
As a Jr. Mechanical Engineer you will

• design improvements to existing hardware, typically improving robustness, reliability, safety and the usability of tooling;
• you will deal with the entire design process from concept to production drawings, to purchase, to verification and writing procedures for assembly and use;
• you will design based on requirements like accuracies down to micro radians and micrometers and compatibility with ultra high vacuum.

As a Jr. Mechanical Designer you:

• have a degree in Mechanical engineering or a related discipline;
• can make drawings in 3D and make 2D drawings with the correct tolerances;
• have a genuine interest in making hardware that works reliably;
• enjoy finding the simplest and most robust solution to a mechanical problem;
• can express yourself clearly in spoken and written English;
• can organize your work independently and you take responsibility for your projects;
• are a good listener and you collaborate well in a multidisciplinary team;
• Hands on experience or professional design experience are not required but welcome.

Who are we?
MAPPER Lithography develops lithography machines for the chip industry. MAPPER was founded in 2000 and is growing rapidly. We are continuously looking for starters and professionals who want to grow with us and contribute to building machines for the next generation of chips.

What do we do?
These mask-less lithography machines are based on an innovative system that can print chips directly from their digital blue prints. The enormous amount of data to be transferred during writing is handled by a fiber optics link. MAPPER has developed a patented technique that is based on parallel electron beams writing on an electron-sensitive film. With this technique it is possible to direct more than ten thousand switchable parallel electron beams and hereby write at a suitable speed.

How do we do that?
MAPPER Lithography has high expectations of its employees: taking initiative and responsibility is highly valued. In return you get a lot of flexibility and freedom, and your input is very much appreciated. You have excellent opportunities for development in this rapidly growing informal organization. MAPPER Lithography offers good primary and secondary working conditions, suitable for your capacities.

Working at MAPPER means working together in a high-tech environment at the highest level, with independent and engaged specialists in a range of disciplines. Today the company employs 250 people and is still growing rapidly. MAPPER Lithography stands at the brink of entering the next phase in its development.

Please let our other website complete your impression of MAPPER: www.mapperlithography.com .

Contact information
Is this the job you are looking for? Please inform us via the Apply button or contact us for more information.
Contact: Paul Verschoor (Recruiter).
Telephone: 0031(0)15-8880279
E-mail: career@mapperlithography.com